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What is a Standby Generator?

Standby Generator Definition

A standby generator supplies power to a home when there is a disruption in the normal electrical service. It is typically installed on a mounting pad outside of the home. In the event of a power outage, the generator senses the loss of power and an automatic switch transfers the electrical load. When the main power is restored, the generator automatically turns off and returns to its off-mode.

A standby generator can be wired directly into the electrical system of a home. Generators can be powered by a variety of fuel sources. Natural gas, liquid propane, gasoline, and diesel fuel are the most common choices.

A standby generator can supply the entire home’s electric load, but in most cases, it will only supply the home’s “essential circuits.” These circuits are likely to include the main appliances and some basic lighting. A generator that can supply the entire electrical load of a home will be very expensive to install and to run.

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Standby generators are also known as:

- Backup generators

- Whole house generators

- Home standby generator

- Home generators

- Electric generators

Air cooled vs. Liquid cooled Generators

Standby generators can be cooled two different ways: air cooled and liquid cooled. Smaller standby generators are typically air-cooled. They use a fan to keep the unit from overheating. Larger, more powerful generators are usually liquid-cooled. Like a liquid-cooled engine of a car, tubes filled with anti-freeze prevent the generator from over heating.

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